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The purpose of karate is to develop and build the indomitable human spirit.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance self-esteem in every student, while teaching important self-defense skills in a fun and safe environment.

We believe that leadership grows from personal strength. That personal strength and self-confidence grow as the student meets challenges and accomplishes goals. When students train with us they will discover their potential and build their strength in a safe environment with supportive teachers. When you train at Fighting Griffin Family Karate you too will discover your potential.

Fighting Griffin Family Karate (FGFK) offers a wide variety of programs designed to suit the needs of all Karate students taught in a positive atmosphere stressing personal growth and respect.


We offer

The best way for you to understand our dojo is to come in and try a free introductory class. See how we relate and interact with our students. Complete the form to the right to contact us.

We are a welcoming school, come by and visit, see the dojo and meet Sensei Mike.

You guys are so dedicated to ensuring the kids and their families have a great time around the holidays (Hallowe’en party; Christmas open house etc) – it’s really amazing.  Thank you so much for all that you do!

It’s wonderful to see the positive impact people of Guelph Family Karate have on others!!  Please know that you have made a powerful impact on our daughter.

We feel karate has been instrumental in improving our son’s behavior at school since starting Karate and we cannot thank your kinder team enough in aiding him in that.

I tell everyone how positive this has been for him and absolutely love the way the class is fun and there is always an emphasis on “never using karate to hurt people”.  I had been very nervous initially that Tyler would learn violence from this class, but instead he has learned self-control and respect. :)

Thank you for making our daughter’s birthday so very special!

What I learned about myself from competing in a karate tournament (for security reasons we do not post names of our students):

-Anything can be good if I put all of my effort into it (age 12)
-To relax and have fun with everything I do (age 12)
-I learned I can be strong (age 8)
-I learned if I work hard I will do well (age 8)
-I learned it is OK to be nervous (age 8)
-I learned it is OK to make mistakes (age 8)

Our child’s experience with Fighting Griffin Family Karate has been nothing less than exceptional. The personal interest and attention that has been given to our child as well as other students is beyond comparison. SenseiMike has a gift for encouraging children to learn, develop focus, concentration and to set and achieve their goals. Students learn to embrace mistakes and turn them into building blocks for development, all the while contributing to an incredible sense of self-confidence. All of the senior-belt instructors within the club approach every student and class with the same values and level of personal interest and attention. No student is ever left behind and all learn to assist others with new skills that they have attained. Through the programming at Sensei Mike’s Dojo, our child has developed positive character traits associated with any good and respectful human being. He has learned about successful conflict resolution, respect for self and others and continues to learn the art of balancing fun with effort. Fighting Griffin Family Karate is one of the best programs we have enrolled our child in and we recommend it to everyone who asks us about our children’s extra-curricular activities.

Thank you so much for all that you do for our children and others.  We are truly appreciative of what you are trying to accomplish with your teachings.

This note, and a small token of our thanks is extremely overdue – and I find it difficult to accurately express our gratitude for all of these years in such a short space.  Please forgive us our oversights in the past and know that we think you are a very special person in our childrens’ lives!

..a thank you note from a parent attached to a Christmas gift

My son has been a member of the Fighting Griffin Family Karate dojo for over two years now.  When he first showed an interest in karate I was hesitant.  I did my research and spoke with many friends and colleagues who had children in martial arts and learned that Fighting Griffin Family Karate was highly respected.  My son attended his first class and we have never looked back.  I have found that Sensei Mike runs a program that was the perfect balance of learning, discipline and fun.  His inclusive approach ensures participants of all ages and abilities are respected and enjoy their time in the dojo.


You are a great Sensei.  Our son is very lucky to have you as a role model.

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